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Never worry about your air filter again!
Air conditioning systems move a lot of air to keep you and your family cool during the day. They are often forgotten until it stops cooling because you forgot to change the air filter.

Has this ever happened to you?

Take advantage of our residential filter changing service that takes all the hassle out of changing your filters. Our technicians will change your air filter and vacuum the return filter grill so you don't have to!

Benefits include:

  • Right size filters every time without the hassle
  • Home comfort and system performance
  • We dispose of your dirty air filters
  • Filter grills are vacuumed with every filter change
  • We remember when your filter needs to be replaced - take that off your to-do list!
  • Pleated MERV 8 filters provide excellent filtration
  • Stay off ladders, and let AirMax do the work.

We will set up your monthly service, and you'll never have to worry about air filters again. Call today, or sign up below!

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"Highly recommended. Brian is very knowledgable and extremely trustworthy. He responded quickly and went out of his way to make sure we had cool air blowing in our house. He does exceptional work for a great price! Will definitely be using Air Max again for any future A/C work!"

Brent Brownlee


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