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Solving Mold Spots on AC Vents

A new customer was concerned about mold spots forming on their ceiling AC vents, and they called us to find a solution. This is an older home in Brandon MS, about 40 years old and was “flipped” before they bought it about 5 years ago. Air Max inspected the HVAC system to find several major…

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Duct Leakage

A couple photos of problem duct work and thermal images of air leakage in a customers home. The service call was to identify the cause of moisture in the wall below a supply duct. I found that the 6″ duct supply to the foyer had wet duct wrap insulation and this moisture was dripping into…

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Draft Dust Bugs


Do you like hot air blowing into your home during the summer? Do you like more dust? How about bugs? Okay, nobody likes or wants draft dust bugs in their home. So what do I do to stop this condition? Attic Tent. Have Air Max Heating & Cooling LLC install and Attic Tent above your…

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How is Air Max Heating & Cooling LLC different?

What makes Air Max different than many hvac companies in our market? I would say that I, Brian Loughrige (owner) am different because of whom I serve when “we” go out to work on air conditioning. My staff and I seek to give glory to Jesus Christ our savior and “work as unto the Lord”…

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AHHH My Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling! What Do I Do?

Take a deep breath and then let it out. First thing to check is the thermostat. This is the controller of the hvac system. Do you have a display on the screen or is it blank. Batteries go bad and can keep the system from operating. If you have a visible display screen with the…

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Offering Dealer Financing

Air Max Heating & Cooling LLC offers Dealer Financing through Service Finance Company. How about a 6 Months, Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payment, a minimum $500 loan or a 18 Months, Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payment, a minimum $1000 load. Call Air Max Heating & Cooling LLC at 601-939-0015 for more details and…

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Does Your Air Conditioner Leak Refrigerant?

Does your air conditioner leak refrigerant?  What are you going to do when R22 becomes too expense? Here are a couple issues about air conditioning. Most AC equipment is the house original and was made in 10 seer (seasonal energy efficiency rating) and contains R22 refrigerant. R22 is phased out of production (thank Captain Planet)…

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Tech Tip: Check Your Heat Exchanger

Tech tip of the day. Have your heat exchanger checked by a HVAC technician. These heaters are now condemned as dangerous due to the holes caused by age and rust. If your friends or family have a packaged gas unit in their home or business, refer them to Air Max Heating & Cooling LLC and…

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Tech Tip: Check Your Thermostat

On average, for every degree you set back your thermostat, you can save 2% on your energy bill. Most people can’t tell the difference between a room set one day at 70º and the next day at 69º. In fact, the difference in temperature between your nose and your toes is likely to be greater…

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